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LongPath Technologies uses patented, Nobel Prize-winning, long-range laser networks to provide the lowest cost detection and quantification of specific emissions sources across large areas.

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Unlike traditional methods of methane monitoring, LongPath provides readings 24/7, allowing operators to catch events in a timely manner. Emissions don’t occur on a quarterly basis, which means that snapshot-in-time approaches can either miss or misinterpret intermittent events.


It takes 80+ point sensors to do what 1 LongPath system can. A single, centralized laser node can monitor dozens of facilities across areas of 20+ square miles by interacting with small retro-reflective mirrors that are placed on existing infrastructure, out of the way of operations. Only the node requires power and connectivity to cellular/wifi, allowing for unprecedented, inexpensive scalability that provides a low barrier of entry to all operators, regardless of size.


Through peer-reviewed publications and 3rd party blind-testing at METEC, our dual frequency comb laser spectrometers have been proven to accurately quantify the size of emissions leaks (mcf/d or kg/hr) with the ability to detect emissions events <6 SCFH at a distance of 1 mile. These quantitative measurements are important for gold standard ESG & RSG initiatives, differentiated gas markets, and for reducing regulatory burdens of proof.


Time is precious, which is why we provide automated, real-time streaming of data with customizable alert thresholds. Once a threshold is reached, an alert is sent via text or email so that you’re never left in the dark in the event of an emission and can take action immediately.

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LongPath Technologies Reduces Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Increases Operational Efficiency

The pressure to monitor ESG and RSG metrics is mounting, and without consistent, accurate and efficient monitoring, companies risk missing out on revenue by not maximizing social and shareholder return through significantly reducing their emissions. The bulk of overall emissions is caused by just a few large, unpredictable events, making it critical for companies to move toward continuous monitoring methods to ensure that these events never slip through the cracks and can be diagnosed.

Peer-Reviewed Publications

Our technology is discussed in peer reviewed journals, the most reputable oil & gas media outlets, and more. Read on to get the latest news on LongPath Technologies.

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Minimize Emissions.
Maximize Returns.
Execute ESG & RSG goals.

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