Advanced Continuous Emissions Monitoring (CEM)

LongPath Active Emissions Overwatch

Quantitative and continuous methane emissions monitoring from upstream oil & gas production to city gates. LongPath integrates seamlessly with operations, allowing for accurate total emissions quantification and targeted alerts enabling real-time Leak Detection and Repair (LDAR) capabilities.


CONTINUOUS Line Sensor System

What sets LongPath apart? It’s our capability to deliver real-time, quantitative emissions data, providing volumetric emission rates with unparalleled precision.

Meets all proposed EPA OOOOa/b/C requirements for advanced monitoring via continuous & periodic survey modes

approved for Colorado’s strict Alt-AIMM requirements

Financial grade data for: OGMP 2.0, MiQ, Nex Gen Gas, veritas, MMRV protocols, TCFD reporting, Low Methane Ratings

False Positives
100% detection accuracy in blind testing
Minimum Detection Limit

how it works

longpath system

From each strategically-placed node, LongPath’s system projects eye-safe, invisible laser beams to monitor one or multiple facilities simultaneously. This centralized approach amplifies asset coverage for scale while protecting the integrity of the data collected. Our robust quality control mechanisms validate incoming data, allowing us to quantify emission rates down to as low as 0.06 kg/hr within minutes.

Speed and Accuracy

With LongPath, time-to-detect for any leak varies from mere minutes to a few hours, depending on site conditions and other variables like wind speed. Our system keeps you ahead of the curve, allowing for timely interventions and accurate localization.

Work Practices

Baseline emission rate calculation for each site with real-time data collection and customized alerts. If the monitored emission rates persistently exceed set thresholds, our system triggers a series of protocols customized to your work practices to initiate action, aligning with each site’s unique emission characteristics.

Data Security

Edge computing combined with state of the art data transfer protocols ensures each operator’s data remains secure and non-transferrable between neighboring sites, even in dense, networked configurations.


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Advanced Continuous Emissions Monitoring (CEM)

LongPath Has Your Back

From intermittent super emitters to persistent, but problematic, site design flaws — LongPath has your back. We offer multiple, full-site emission rate readings daily. Our high-frequency data collection and expansive site coverage, combined with our low detection limit, place LongPath among the most comprehensive monitoring systems available commercially.

One Sensor for Every Leak Type

With valid quantitative continuous monitoring, emissions can be characterized by rate, persistency, and duration.

Acute equipment failures
Process malfunctions
Site design flaws
OFS mishandling

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