Episode 8 of Bloomberg's Getting Warmer with Kal Penn features Ryan Keys, President of Triple Crown Resources, which uses LongPath's distinctive laser fence line solution for methane detection and quantification on its assets in the Permian Basin.

"Ryan is an important voice in the methane conversation.   He brings the critical perspective of a smaller US operator, for example as a member of the Methane Roundtable, facilitated by Harvard's Environmental & Energy Law Program.  He rightly views methane monitoring as akin to drilling new wells, in terms of profitability and gas capture," said Caroline Alden, LongPath co-founder and Vice President of Products and Markets.

"Ryan Keys is a progressive industry leader who has internalized and amplified the message that continuous methane monitoring is a performance improvement opportunity—not an added operating expense.   LongPath data pays for itself," said Joe Quoyeser, LongPath Chief Commercial Officer.

During the interview, Keys tells Penn that Triple Crown can attribute revenue increases of $3.5 million to leak detection and repair efforts that have a cumulative cost of less than $400,000.   He has previously stated in numerous industry forums that improving methane emissions is among the highest rate of return projects in any Permian Basin operator's portfolio.  Keys and Penn also provide a simple but useful primer on the difference between measured emissions and emissions calculated from EPA emissions factors.

About Triple Crown

Founded in 2017 with backing from Yorktown and other investors, Triple Crown entered the Southern Midland Basin with its first acquisition in 2018 and has subsequently grown to 70,000 leasehold acres.  Triple crown has had an intense focus on environmental efforts since inception, with basin-leading metrics in water recycling, flaring, Scope 1 GHG intensity, and methane intensity.

About LongPath

Founded in 2017, LongPath is the first company to leverage Nobel prize-winning long-range frequency comb laser sources to achieve dramatic cost reductions for continuous emissions monitoring. LongPath's system is akin to a radar for methane.  In addition to applications in energy, LongPath's technology is well suited to penetrate other large markets including agriculture, waste management, mining, and urban monitoring.

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