DENVER, CO / ACCESSWIRE / June 22, 2023 / LongPath Technologies (the "Company"), a leader in methane detection and data services, announced today that it will be substantially expanding its relationship with Vital Energy, a fast-growing pure-play operator in the Permian Basin. The expansion demonstrates the strong commitment of LongPath to reduce emissions while supporting profitable growth throughout the upstream and midstream sectors of the energy industry.

  • Vital Energy utilizes LongPath Technologies to continuously monitor ~70% of gross oil production using the most reliable CEM (Continuous Emissions Monitoring) data system available.
  • LongPath monitoring data offers the ultimate customer choice for data fidelity and coverage for flares, tall tanks, intermittent and persistent leaks, and process emissions to reliably support operations.

Utilizing LongPath's full-facility coverage methane detection solution, this expanded partnership will provide reliably accurate, real-time detection and quantification of methane emissions. This advanced technology aims to deliver considerable emissions reduction and sustainability progress for the oil and gas sector.

Ian Dickinson, Chief Executive Officer of LongPath Technologies, expressed enthusiasm about the expansion stating, "This vote of confidence from a progressive operator validates our technology roadmap and ability to provide the data operators expect from sensor networks. Our expanded deployment will result in LongPath monitoring and delivering emissions data for ~70% of Vital's gross operated oil production."

This marks a significant step forward for LongPath Technologies as the Company continues its commitment to industry-leading emission reduction solutions. The partnership with Vital Energy showcases how innovative companies can effectively work together to accomplish shared goals while benefiting both their businesses and sustainability commitments.

About LongPath Technologies:

LongPath Technologies, founded in 2017, is an emissions network for accurate real-time data, specializing in continuous monitoring of methane emissions across the oil and gas supply chain with expanded services to various markets. LongPath-managed sensing infrastructure provides unrivaled coverage, delivering reliably accurate precision data tailored to clients' requirements. Its mission is to enable operators to confidently validate their gas performance, boosting operational credibility while driving sustainable futures. We are a trusted partner in emissions management and methane reporting, offering comprehensive coverage and reliably accurate data for confident quantification, measured methane intensity, and responsibly sourced gas (RSG) certification. LongPath offers cost-effective continuous emissions monitoring solutions supporting the journey towards a lower carbon energy transition

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