BOULDER, Colo., Sept. 22, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- LongPath Technologies has won the top prize in the Society of Petroleum Engineers' highly selective Startup Village Competition.

LongPath Technologies' continuous and quantitative methane emissions monitoring systems provide emissions mitigation and reductions across the oil and gas supply chain, with applicability to other greenhouse gas sources and sectors. "LongPath, in partnership with our customers, uses foundational technology to detect and quantify greenhouse gas emissions in the oilfield and in markets beyond," said Ian Dickinson, LongPath's CEO, in his introduction to the Competition's panel members. "Our customers use LongPath and our in-house expertise as a full end-to-end emissions management strategy, from the measurements to feedback on system design."

After being chosen as one of 10 finalists in the ATCE SPE Startup Village Competition, LongPath went on to win the top prize of "Best in Show" on Tuesday, delivering a pitch and responding to questions posed by a panel of oil and gas industry leaders, emerging energy technologies experts, venture capitalists and angel investors. "On behalf of the entire LongPath team, we are honored and humbled to have been selected Best in Show at SPE's Energy Startup Competition, particularly considering the quality of the presenters in this year's competition," said Dickinson

Founded by a team of engineers and PhD experts in greenhouse gas measurements and monitoring, LongPath provides the industry gold standard of methane emissions monitoring. By providing total site coverage of emission sources, including flares, LongPath reduces the time to find and fix leaks from months to real-time. LongPath Technologies is the only methane monitoring company capable of providing proven, full quantification of all emission sources on a site to customers multiple times a day. LongPath is a leader among methane emissions monitoring technologies on the market, with applicability for sustainability certifying bodies such as the UNEP's OGMP2.0 Level 5 protocol and other U.S.-based initiatives.  

About LongPath Technologies

Founded in 2017, LongPath Technologies leverages foundational laser technology to engineer actionable laser systems that probe unique "fingerprints" of methane, carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide and other molecules across > 50,000 wavelengths (colors) of light. Following a decade of research and development, the company's foundational technology combines low system cost and field robustness with continuous long-distance emissions detection. LongPath is based in Boulder, CO and can be found at www.LongPathTech.com.

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