HOUSTON, TX / ACCESSWIRE / June 14, 2023 / Renowned emissions expert Caroline Alden, Ph.D. and Co-Founder of LongPath Technologies, is set to sit down for an engaging presentation on the critical factors in selecting a monitoring technology for mitigating methane emissions. The event will occur on June 21, 2023, from 11:20 am to 11:50 am at the prestigious Methane Mitigation Global Summit held in Houston, Texas. Alden's session is "How to Choose Advanced Technologies for a Future-Proofed Methane Management Portfolio: How operators can leverage advanced technologies for sustained emissions reductions and gold-star compliance."

  • What benefits can operators expect to gain from the adoption of protocols and standards for methane reporting and certification?
  • How can operators make sure their voluntary protocol and technology stack will support compliance - today and tomorrow
  • Case study: LongPath's future-proof solution for Colorado operators (Reg 7)
  • What key areas for growth are needed in the methane monitoring, performance, certification, and compliance landscape?

Alden's session promises to provide vital insights into the importance of proper monitoring technology adoption for companies involved in exploration and production from her unique scientific perspective.

Alden spent nearly a decade with the LongPath Science and R&D teams testing, tuning, and perfecting the LongPath technology. "When you commit over ten years of deploying and testing methane hunting with lasers in labs, METEC, and real-world sites, you get a very good understanding of what operators want in the field. The basins and pads are not all the same."

With years of experience in methane monitoring and emissions analytics, her dedication has made her one of the most respected experts in her field. The Science team at LongPath Technologies has developed advanced monitoring technologies that significantly reduce methane emissions in oil and gas operations and provide reliably accurate emissions data for regulatory, reporting, and risk assessments.

The Methane Mitigation Global Summit brings together leading experts worldwide and offers unique opportunities for professionals to discuss advances in mitigation technology while fostering collaborative initiatives to tackle methane emissions. The three-day event emphasizes key areas such as climate change impact assessment, advanced solutions implementation, and ongoing research advancements.

For more information about Caroline Alden's presentation or registration information for the Methane Mitigation Global Summit, please visit www.methanemitigationsummit.com.

About LongPath Technologies:

LongPath Technologies is an emissions network for accurate real-time data, specializing in continuous monitoring of methane emissions across the oil and gas supply chain with expanded services to various markets. LongPath-managed sensing infrastructure provides unrivaled coverage, delivering reliably accurate precision data tailored to clients' requirements. Its mission is to enable operators to confidently validate their gas performance, boosting operational credibility while driving sustainable futures. We are a trusted partner in emissions management and methane reporting, offering comprehensive coverage and reliably accurate data for confident quantification, measured methane intensity, and responsibly sourced gas (RSG) certification. LongPath offers cost-effective continuous emissions monitoring solutions supporting the journey towards a low-carbon energy transition. www.longpathtech.com

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