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Array Based Design

LongPath provides a significantly lower cost scalable solution with a single laser continuously monitoring emissions at facilities within a 2.5+ mile radius (20+ sq miles) where each facility only requires retroreflectors.

find out if one of your facilities is already covered by a node.

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Customer Dashboard

The dashboard provides customers with the ability to quickly visualize each facilities’ emissions, alerts, and the measurements informing those alerts. Emissions measurements are reported in real-time, and alerts are based on dynamically determined thresholds for each facility. The dashboard is designed to connect seamlessly to the customer’s desired analytics software.

Actionable Real-Time Alerts

LongPath’s dashboard allows customers to decide which users will receive email or text notifications for emissions events at specific locations. This gives the customer the required information to act quickly and efficiently to locate and repair the necessary facility and equipment.

Longpath full spectrum

LongPath provides customers the option for OGI dispatch on continuous emissions events, accurately pinpointing the exact equipment piece that requires operator repair. LongPath’s Full Spectrum Solution allows the customer to implement LDAR by exception and fix leaks faster than ever before.

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